July’s Harvest

971192_340297666103210_928235002_nToday we harvested the crown jewel of our garden…. our plump, juicy, crisp Purple Russian garlic. We bought three beautiful bulbs of organic garlic from a farmer’s market five summers ago. Over that time, we have multiplied those three bulbs to just over sixty each season, for the last four seasons. Although it has one of the longest growing seasons, from October to July, it is worth every square inch of our little garden. It is also one of the most valuable crops in the garden, considering that the average organic, locally grown bulb sells for around three dollars.

Over the month of July, we have harvested tender broccoli side shoots and the last of our purple cauliflower. We have picked regular and yellow zucchini, kale and swiss chard, and baby fingerling potatoes. We have munched on baby snap peas while we weeded and de-pested (which means picking little moth eggs off of the kale leaves!). We have also picked parsley, basil, mint, and oregano; the first of our blue lake beans, ever-bearing raspberries and sour cherries.

We have made sautéed chard and kale omelets. We have prepared fresh salads and desserts with our raspberries. We have enjoyed blueberry mojitos with our mint, and savored our first sweet peach with our pancakes this morning. We even experimented with zoodles, zucchini noodles with a fresh tomato sauce.  Our kids devour rice pasta with sautéed kale and Italian sausage. They gobble up steamed broccoli and cauliflower, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with lemon juice and sea salt.

We are looking forward to the rest of our French fingerlings and our frost peaches; we will be overrun with green beans in several weeks. Our carrots are plumping up, and our long English cucumbers, and roma and German beefsteaks are ripening on the vine. I can hardly wait to share with you what else is growing, with love and sunshine, in our garden.

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