My Sweet Indulgence Trail Mix


Today was one of those crazy busy days… you know the ones… out the door before breakfast, driving all day, solving problems, accomplishing my to-do list, only to come home to more chaos, like fruit to freeze, and kids to feed, and messes to clean.

Now that I’ve had a moment to myself, I realize that what got me through these hectic hours today was one of my go-to snacks: my sweet indulgence trail mix. Now, I am not endorsing skipping breakfast and avoiding lunch on a regular basis, only to munch handfuls of this healthy treat between drop-offs and meetings. But I am saying that in a pinch, it is a good substitute, and a much healthier, and arguably tastier, snack than anything you might pick up at a drive-thru window or from the refrigerated case in the to-go section of the convenience store.

Salty, sweet, tangy, and buttery rich … it’s a flavor profile that any recipe strives to balance, and it makes your taste buds dance.  And how is this accomplished? you might be asking… With four delicious, satisfying ingredients that come together in a way that is both simple and indulgent. And very satisfying.


Sweet Indulgent Trail Mix

1 cup roasted, salted macadamia nuts (organic if possible)

1 cup roasted, salted pumpkin seeds (organic if possible)

1 cup organic dried, sweetened cranberries (sweetened with fruit juice if possible)

1 cup organic dried, diced pineapple


It is simple enough to put together, and stores easily in a container or re-sealable bag. The best thing about it is that your body feels satisfied from the balance of nutrients it provides. There are omega 3’s from the pumpkin seeds, and a newly discovered fat scientists are calling omega 7’s, that very few foods, including macadamia nuts, have. Cranberries offer a daily dose of vitamin C, and the pineapple offers any sweet tooth a satisfying pick-me-up. While it may not be for the calorie counters among us, I find when I stick to a real food diet that does not include overly processed, artificially colored and flavored snack foods, I have been able to ease up on counting and enjoy snacks such as this one without the guilt that would otherwise have come with it. And the best part is, my stomach (both inside and out) thank me for it.

4 thoughts on “My Sweet Indulgence Trail Mix

  1. After we met up at the park last week, I stopped and bought those ingredients and made that trail mix. It was awesome. Thank you for the delicious recipe! 🙂

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