20 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

969356_10153082635060013_851519115_nI’m gathering up my collection of mason jars tonight. I am ambitiously aiming to pickle cucumbers in the morning. Tattered, cardboard boxes holding the precious glass vessels are collecting dust in my garage, collecting cobwebs in my basement. I have so many more jars than I could ever use throughout the year, and once they have served their purpose, most of them return safely to storage until they are needed again. But I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on how I reuse these jars throughout the year (and more than a few ways I will hope, at some point to try myself!) With so many sizes, and being so economical, they are a practical way to provide function and organization to your home.

Flower vase… instant vintage chic!

Leftovers…especially soups and sauces

Craft organizers… googly eyes, beads, pompoms, you name it!

Homemade cosmetics… like lotions, diaper ointment, deodorant, sunscreen

Canned goods… the sky is the limit with this one!

Office supplies… thumbtacks, paperclips, pencils and pens

Hair accessories… bobby-pins, elastics, clips

Serving dishes… perfect for serving homemade dips and condiments

Spice containers… great because you can see how much is left, and you can fit the measuring spoon in

Drinking glasses… without the lid for adults, or with a hole punched into the lid, and a straw, for the kiddos

Tea light holders… clear or painted with a colored varnish to accent any décor

Homemade butter… fill a jar half way with heavy cream, tighten the lid, and let your kiddos take turns shaking

Homemade beverages… a leak-proof way to make and store juice, sweetened iced tea, or even homemade liquors

“Piggy” bank… just make a slit in the lid to drop the coins through

Baking supplies… like my homemade gluten-free flour mix 🙂

Freezer food… like citrus zest, when it’s not in season, or individual servings of homemade almond milk

Collecting bacon grease… I have a jar of this in my fridge at all times!

Gifting a meal… this way no one has to worry if the dish is returned

Homemade baby food… the small 1/2 cup jars are great for single servings

The ultimate salad dressing maker… just add your ingredients and the lid, and shake!

How do you put your mason jars to work for you throughout the year?

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