24 Back-to-School Gluten Free Snack and Lunch Ideas

Back-to-school lunch

It’s September now… the beginnings of autumn. Our kids head back to school on Tuesday. It’s time for our little ones to adjust back to routines and left-brain thinking. And time for us parents to plan and help pack their lunches,

It’s true that some kids are satisfied with the old standby of a sandwich and a piece of fruit; but for most kids, variety means that they will actually eat the food you send with them, and they will have enough energy to make it through the day.

Growing children need a balance of healthy fats, energizing carbohydrates, and growth supporting proteins. With that in mind, here are 24 gluten free snack and lunch ideas to help you and your kiddos transition back into school.



Dried fruits and seeds (and nuts if permitted)

Veggie or fruit kabobs — because everything is better on a stick!

Apple slices tossed with a pinch of cinnamon and cane sugar or maple syrup

Homemade granola bars (15 Minute Gluten Free Granola Bars)

Homemade fruit leathers or dehydrated fruits

Protein packed, low-sugar muffins (Fermented Oatmeal Muffins)

Homemade or packaged Greek yogurt cups — think protein!

GF rice crackers and cheese slices

Purchased or homemade apple sauce

Homemade popcorn



Meat, cheese, and pickle kabobs

Baked sausage with ketchup or mustard to dip

Homemade or purchased GF sushi rolls with GF soy sauce to dip

Purchased or homemade GF mini pizzas or pizza slices

Cheese quesadillas with corn tortillas


Leftovers for Lunch

Chicken and broccoli kabobs

Homemade or purchased GF meatballs and marinara sauce

Soup, chili, stew, or GF mac-n-cheese in a thermos

Rice paper wraps filled with pulled pork or taco meat and veggies


Breakfast for Lunch

Protein filled pancake or waffle strips with yogurt to dip

Mini egg frittata cups

Hard-boiled eggs with a dusting of S and P

Oatmeal in a thermos

Granola with a carafe of milk



What is in your kiddo’s lunchbox?

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