Ingredient Spotlight: Sugar

As your kids come home with a bag of candies tonight, here are a few thoughts on how to keep tabs on all of that sugar. (We’ll talk about the rest of the ingredients in future Ingredient Spotlight posts!) Sugar contains no nutrients, and is not necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While there is no ‘nutritional value’ standard, […]

Maple Cranberry Butter

If the thought of crisp, warm toast with melting butter and gooey, sweet jam makes your knees weak, (like it does mine!), this recipe is for you! Pure maple syrup and tangy, ruby-red cranberries whipped together with creamy, organic butter creates a decadent topping for scones, biscuits, or even your morning toast. Maple Cranberry Butter (A Grow. Cook. Eat. […]

Rosemary Currant Soda Bread

I’ve been craving the flavors of fall this past week (Thanksgiving dinner withdrawal, I think!). This bread is comfort food on every level… the warm, earthy flavor of rosemary with sweet currants add to the satisfyingly dense, moist bread. Whether sliced fresh, toasted, or double baked, like a biscotti*, these flavors are a perfect snack, or as […]

The Well Stocked Gluten-Free Pantry (Part Three): Grain-Free Flours and Fillers

If gluten-free is the buzzword of the modern food world, grain-free is its quirky, all or nothing, determined little cousin. Diets, such as Paleo and Primal, have been designed around the idea of eliminating grains (a.k.a. unnecessary calories) from one’s diet. Although it may be another fad, the concept might be worth the consideration. While not all grains are […]

My Fall Garden (And a Garlic Update)

October is more than half over, and I have yet to talk about our fall garden. The garden beds are getting cleaned out and mulched, where they will lie dormant for the winter and awaken again next spring. Two weeks ago, we picked a box full of sweet, juicy apples from our tree. These nameless apples have a lovely […]

World Food Day

It seems fitting that World Food Day (a day to raise awareness about eradicating world hunger) should fall just two days after our Canadian Thanksgiving. We have finished celebrating the abundance we have been blessed with, and now we turn our attention to the less fortunate. In our own communities and around the world, there are many who do not […]

Gluten-Free Pastry Dough (Pate Brisee)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends! If the turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving meal, pumpkin pie is the decadent centerpiece of dessert. For years, others in my family have opted to make the pies. This year, I knew that if I didn’t take matters into my own hands, my dessert would consist solely of […]

Stand Up For Farmers: March Against Monsanto

In my teens, I wanted to be an activist. I loved the idea of chaining myself to trees, and marching around with signs, probably as much for the thrill of it, as for the cause I was defending! As a mom, who has grown up slightly in the twenty years since, I realize that I can […]

Cranberry Chutney with Ginger and Rosemary

My childhood memories of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving are of the canned variety… you know, the ruby red, gelatinous cylinder that made gloopy, gurgling sounds as it slipped out of the tin into a dish, where it was then sliced and served. Fresh cranberries at that time, were simply used to create a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece. The first […]