Lepp’s Market Cafe: Gluten-Free Thursdays

Lepps menu board

My mom and I met for lunch today. It’s not something we normally do. Not that I don’t see her often. It’s just that when we’re together, it’s likely that she is at my place to either help with the kids so I can clean, or to help clean, or to help with the kids so Hubby and I get a night out. This was a really fun way to switch that up, and we had been wanting to check out this local market/ café’s newest addition to their menu: Gluten-Free Thurdays! (Or, I guess gluten-aware, since it’s not a gluten-free facility, as the sad camera phone picture indicates).

Lepps cafe

There were several entrées and soups dished up from behind the glass, all of which looked amazing! I ordered the butter chicken, which was a rich, fragrant, mildly spicy dish served over brown rice. My mom opted for the Cream of Asparagus soup, which was subtle, velvety, and surprisingly light for a cream soup. There were also chicken legs, a la carte, and my girls each polished one off. There is also a complimentary flavored-water dispenser, and our kids are always curious to taste the water combinations whenever we stop in to pick up a few groceries. Today it was lemon lime, so it was not as interesting as some days, but refreshing non the less.

Lepps butter chicken

We sat out on their covered patio, right under one of several heaters, and enjoyed our lunch on this crisp October day feeling quite warm and satisfied. But before we could finish, we unwrapped what we had really come here for… the gluten-free pastries! We got one of each to share, the banana coconut muffin and the maple pecan scone. Both were delicious! It was so nice to indulge in a meal that I didn’t first have to make. And it’s good not to have a whole batch laying around, when all I wanted was one scone!

Lepps gluten-free pastries

We even grabbed a few groceries on our way out. Some of the best bacon around, raised without hormones or antibiotics, right on Lepp’s own farm, and a bag of beautiful local gala apples, from their orchard in BC’s interior. I have always loved stopping here for my meat and seasonal produce, and now Thursdays are one more reason for me to stop in at Lepp Farm Market and Café!

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