Stand Up For Farmers: March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto, 2013

In my teens, I wanted to be an activist. I loved the idea of chaining myself to trees, and marching around with signs, probably as much for the thrill of it, as for the cause I was defending! As a mom, who has grown up slightly in the twenty years since, I realize that I can make activist-like decisions every time I enter a store. My food dollars are speaking loud and clear when I choose NOT to purchase products for my family contaminated with GMOs. I realize that am making an impact when I explain to my four littles why I WILL NOT buy a certain brand, or type of food, because they contain chemicals and GMOs that could be detrimental to their health. I may not be walking around with a sandwich board exclaiming, “No to GMOs” but that is what our family strives to do (albeit, not perfectly!) whenever we enter a grocery store.

Today, however, is an opportunity to pick up those signs and physically STAND UP for something we feel so strongly about. It is an opportunity to join with thousands of others, farmers and consumers alike, who are saying NO to GMOs in cities across North America. It is time to defend farmers, sustainability, and the future of food security, and say NO to GMOs.

Non-GMO Project logo

Curious to find out more about GMOs, the impact on our land and health, and ways to reduce them in yours and your family’s diet?

Check out Non-GMO Project to find helpful information about these and other GMO related issues.

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