Lunchbox Make-Over: Two Weeks of Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Lunches


Have you and your family committed to going Gluten free this year? Maybe you’ve been gluten free for a while now, and realize your kids could benefit from this diet as well. Or maybe one of your kids has been recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, or even Celiac…
Packing lunches isn’t easy at the best of times. I am often asked what I can eat, or what I feed my kids. Here, I’ve put together a sampling of what I pack in my kids’ lunches. I hope this helps ease the pressure of packing gluten free lunches for your little ones! (I’ll include more recipes for this in the weeks to come!)

Kid Friendly Gluten Free Lunchbox Make-Over

Day One

Hummus or dip with cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, and rice crackers


Homemade GF granola bar

Day Two

Ham, cheese, and pickle roll-ups (Wrap the ham around the cheese and pickle slices)


Homemade GF oatmeal muffin

Day Three

Turkey, lettuce and cheese sandwich on a GF roll


Homemade GF cookies

Day Four

Taco chips and carrot sticks with guacamole

Hard-boiled eggs

Kiwi and strawberry slices

Day Five

Almond butter or Sun-butter and honey sandwich on a GF roll

Dried cranberries

Apple slices

Day Six

Homemade GF ham and cheese muffins

Pumpkin seeds and dried pineapple chunks

Orange wedges

Day Seven

Apples slices and celery sticks with almond butter or Sun-butter for dipping

Homemade GF pizza melts (Spread sauce onto GF bread, top with ham or pepperoni, and cheese, and place under the broiler for several minutes)

Homemade popcorn

Day Eight

Homemade GF carrot and apple muffin

Chicken cubes with dipping sauce

Apple sauce

Day Nine

Taco chips or rice crackers with tuna salad

Cashews and dried cranberries


Day Ten

Homemade leftover soup

almonds and dried mangoes

Rice crackers and cheese

Maybe your littles love apple sauce but not yogurt, or maybe they prefer fresh fruit over dried. The purpose of this list isn’t to tell you what to do, so much as it is to help you begin brainstorming the foods your family likes, and then creating your own lunch lists. Kids don’t always need as much variety as adults either, so start with what your kids enjoy and build on that.

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