Good Bye, Peach Tree

Little peach tree

Good bye, peach tree. Your blossoms this year were beautiful.

Good bye, fig tree, with your buds swelling just bellow the surface, ready to burst.

Good bye, little apple tree. How we waited patiently each summer for your fruit to ripen.

Good bye, Italian plum tree. You almost didn’t make it, but we nursed you back, and now you have more blossoms than we have ever seen.

Good bye, sour cherry tree. You fed the birds and us well last year.

Good bye, blueberry bushes and raspberry canes. You have been fun to snack on.

Good bye, grape vine. We got a sneak peek last year of what you’re about to produce, and it was sweet and delicious.

Good bye, raised beds, full of plump earth worms and years of compost and nurturing. You have provided us well.

Little apple tree

Hello, southern slope, and beautiful views, and space to run and explore, and plant and grow.

Hello, hard work. It will take nearly everything we have to clear this land, and build a coup, and put up fencing, and construct more raised beds, and plant trees, plants, and seeds, and provide for everything and everyone in our care. And we can hardly wait!

Hello, feathered friends. And maybe wooly friends, and possibly even some buzzing friends. We look forward to meeting you all, and nurturing you as you all provide so generously for our family.

Hello to dreams being realized, and creative minds being stirred.

Hello to many new adventures that await us!

Little cherry tree


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