Sugar Free Weekdays


I’ll admit it… I’m stuck in a rut! Somehow, I have allowed myself to incorporate sweets into mine and my family’s’ everyday lives, even though in theory, I am totally opposed to this! So last week, we started something new: Sugar Free Weekdays. And it was a total fail!

A goal like this takes serious planning… something I underestimated! But I am determined that we will slowly work our way toward this being the norm. I know it isn’t possible every week. There are treats at school, and birthday parties to attend. But that’s the point. Our kids get it enough elsewhere. They don’t also need it at breakfast, in their lunchboxes, or for an after-school or after supper snack.

My goal has three parts:
1. To reduce the amount of sugar we consume daily.
2. To reduce our desire for sugar on a daily basis.
3. To adjust our taste buds so that we will be satisfied with less sugar, when we do have a treat.

Here are a few snacking ideas to have on hand so we aren’t reaching for a convenient cookie, muffin, or sweetened yogurt when hunger strikes.

-guacamole and plain corn chips
-hummus and veggies
-fresh fruit
-nuts and seeds
-rice crackers and cheese
-apples and celery with peanut or almond butter

I know that we can’t completely eliminate it from our diet. I also know that kids tend to rebel against things that are so absolute. So for now, our weekends are our cheat days. Not free-for-alls, but a time that we are often together with family or friends, where treats are also present. It gives us something to look forward to, to savor and appreciate; not something we shove into our mouths absent-mindedly, as it seems we have been doing all too often lately.

I am also working on a few ‘no sugar added’ recipes, and a “GF Pantry” post on sugars and sweeteners, which I hope to post soon.

If you have any real-food, sugar-free snacking suggestions, I would love to hear them! And if you are interested in learning more about the dangers of sugar, check out Kelly over at Simple Life Mom, and read her article. It’s well written, and worth a read!


4 thoughts on “Sugar Free Weekdays

  1. That is a worthwhile goal. I’m sure you won’t find it too hard at all with all those fun options. I have gone almost completely off sugar (although graciously accept treats when I am a guest) and find that now I can tolerate very little. Except for the odd indulgence!

  2. I feel your pain. We eliminated sugar completely from our diets for months and then i don’t know what happened but I’m using sugar in my baking again! And we’re eating sugary treats every day! It’s terrible.

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