A Lazy Saturday Getting to Know the Girls

Chicken Tractor

Chicken-Our first egg layed by a Bantam Wyandotte

Today, our family welcomed seven beautiful backyard layers into our yard and into our lives. I understand that it won’t all be wonderful as we will face many ups and downs with keeping animals. But today, we will simply sit back and enjoy it all, as we watch the girls get to know their new home. One felt so comfortable that she popped out an egg – just hours after we picked her up.

Chickens-Copper Maran, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, and Barred Rock

Chicken-Barred Rock

Chickens-Bantam Columbian Wyandottes

Our flock consists, so far, of two Bantam Columbian Wyandottes, one Silver Laced Wyandotte, one Copper Maran, one Buff Orpington, one Black Australorp, and one Barred Rock. These chickens are all quite hearty and docile – kid friendly, and perfect for a backyard flock. Most of them lay quite well, and all are dual purpose.

Chicken and the dog saying Hi

Chickens, meet the Dog

Our dog Scarlett was eager to meet the girls too. Her tail was wagging the whole time. She could hardly contain her excitement! The chickens hardly looked up from their contented grazing though. It seems they are more familiar with dogs than Scarlett is with chickens.

Chickens, meet the Baby

Our kids were also quite eager to get to know the girls. They have all had a turn petting their favorites, and helping move them from the grass up to the nesting area so that they become familiar with all of their domain.


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