First Jam of the Season (and the First Fail!)


Making jam was my first attempt at canning without my mom’s help. It was my first step towards becoming more self-reliant. I’ve been doing it for years, and I really enjoy it!

Over the years, I have had a lot of success with my jams, but I’ve also experienced a lot of fails. I have had pots boil over when I have turned away for a minute to address one of the sprouts literally tugging on my apron strings. I have had jam jars not seal properly because I didn’t know to leave them undisturbed for twenty-four hours before moving them. And I’ve had jars break in the water bath because I’d let them cool too much before putting them in.

I have had my fair share of spoilage! But every year, I do it all over again. Jam is something my family uses throughout the year. And it is too simple not to make it, really. So when I checked my canning supplies and saw several boxes of pectin from last year, I thought I’d chance the March expiry date, and make up a couple of batches before the strawberries were done for the season.

The jam is tasty and the family loved eating the foam that I skimmed off the top, as they do every year. But the jam didn’t set up like it should have. I could have picked up fresh boxes of pectin and re-canned the jam, but I didn’t want to take the time to do it. Besides, the jam tastes just as delicious, even if it does run off the edges of our morning toast.

One thought on “First Jam of the Season (and the First Fail!)

  1. You are right runny jam is just as tasty! I am a sporadic jam maker but it is one of my favourite things to do and the only canning type thing I have tried besides dill pickles. My mother on the other hand seemed to be willing to can almost anything. We lived without refrigeration for many years when I was young so there was a motivator.

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