Our Bantam ‘Puffy’ Wants to be a Mommy

Chicken - Puffy on the eggs

We have had Puffy and Fluffy for several months now. They are beautiful Bantam Wyandottes, with silky white feathers, and elegant black and grey collars and tail feathers. The main reason we purchased this pair of bantam hens was because of their tendency to go broody.

And they have not disappointed. Puffy has already gone broody three times, and she steals the others’ eggs to sit on. The down side to this is that she won’t lay an egg for one or two weeks once she feels the urge to sit.

This time, we left the egg under her and called up one of our neighboring farmers who also raises backyard chickens. It turns out that one of their hens was also broody, but they had plenty of fertilized eggs to go around.

We slipped five delicate green, blue and beige eggs into the nesting box, and Puffy spread out her feathers to accommodate them. For the last eight days, she has hardly left her charges, except for a bit of food and water once or twice a day.

In just two weeks, Puffy could be the proud mommy of baby chicks… the first on our farm!

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