Introducing Peep, Cheep and Sleepy

Chickens - Baby Peep

Our Bantam hen, Puffy, has become a mom! For three weeks, she dedicated herself to sitting on her adopted eggs. She hardly moved, other than to get a quick drink and a bite to eat once a day. All of her dedication has paid off! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Peep, Cheep, and the littlest, Sleepy. Unfortunately, a fourth chick hatched, but didn’t make it; and the fifth chick was unable to peck his or her way out of the egg. But that is the reality of raising animals.

We moved Puffy and the babies into a box in the garage for the time being. This way, the little ones have a chance to explore and grow in a safe environment. They are getting braver, and are learning to eat and drink from the feeders. But mostly, they still enjoy the comfort and warmth of snuggling under their mom’s protective wings.


This post has also appeared on Green Mountain Farm.


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