Thirty-Five New Hampshire Pullets Have Arrived

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Green Mountain Farm

Chickens - Mingling outside

Early this morning, we packed up the sprouts and a bunch of boxes, and went to pick up the thirty-five New Hampshire pullets waiting for us on a farm in Langley. We’ve been working hard all week, preparing the coop and putting in the temporary fence, so that we would be ready the arrival of these beauties.

Chickens - Hanging out in the pasture

We put some grass seed down, and then covered it with straw so that the grass would have a chance to sprout and the chickens wouldn’t gobble up the seed. We’ll see how that turns out. This is the future location for our large garden (serious fertilizer!), and the chickens will eventually be pastured on the other side of the coop, in the orchard.

Chickens - roosting in the coop

We introduced our small flock of chickens to the New Hampshires at twilight this evening. All of our new chickens had already settled in and found a place to roost for the night…

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