Ten Skills to Help your Child Thrive in Preschool

Heading off to school for the first time evokes many different emotions in children. As a mom of four little sprouts, and having worked in a preschool program myself, I have seen this through both a parent’s and a teacher’s eyes. I have observed that these ten skills help children thrive in a preschool setting. Do you want to help create a smooth transition for your preschooler […]

Grow. Cook. Eat. Share. Turns One!

Today is the first blog-iversary for Grow. Cook. Eat. Share. We’ve been pretty busy around here this past year. For those of you interested, here are some highlights from our family’s activities and experiences this year. Our Celebrations Our baby turned two this year. Which means I no longer have a baby. A stage in my life is over, and we are […]

Unplugged: 35 Road Trip Activities for Pre-School and School Aged Kids

The road trips of my childhood were on the verge of serene. My mom would read to us and man the CD player, while my dad drove from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. Our time was peppered with conversations but there was also a lot of quiet. Either I remember nothing of the reality of […]

Five Things my Husband Wants for Father’s Day

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately about easy, upcycled, DIY Father’s Day gifts, written by some very creative and inspiring wives and mothers. I have actually dedicated a lot of time to reading these posts, admiring their beautiful ideas and photos. I do this every year. And every year I feel like I wouldn’t be able […]

Happy Valentines Day

Mr. Green Thumb came home with an over the top bottle of BC wine, called Laughing Stock, and some lovely tulips to accompany our family’s simple Valentines Day dinner today. And I put together my Quinoa Chocolate Cake, prettied up with chocolate whipped cream and organic strawberries. We shared a lovely meal with our kids […]

On Tending Gardens and Children

As you read this title, I can imagine you are thinking to yourself, “How does a gardening and gluten-free food blog end up with thoughts on parenting?!” Well if you’re still reading, I’ll tell you why… because my family fuels much of what I do. I didn’t really think much about growing food until I started growing […]