Ten Skills to Help your Child Thrive in Preschool

Heading off to school for the first time evokes many different emotions in children. As a mom of four little sprouts, and having worked in a preschool program myself, I have seen this through both a parent’s and a teacher’s eyes. I have observed that these ten skills help children thrive in a preschool setting. Do you want to help create a smooth transition for your preschooler […]

Unbaked Cranberry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

I’ve been experimenting with granola bars for a while now, and my kids haven’t necessarily appreciated my efforts. Various recipes have resulted in granola bars that are too crumbly, or not sweet enough, or oddly textured, or basically flavorless . But after many mediocre batches under my belt, I found an old weight watcher’s recipe and played around with it until I got […]

24 Back-to-School Gluten Free Snack and Lunch Ideas

It’s September now… the beginnings of autumn. Our kids head back to school on Tuesday. It’s time for our little ones to adjust back to routines and left-brain thinking. And time for us parents to plan and help pack their lunches, It’s true that some kids are satisfied with the old standby of a sandwich and a piece of fruit; but […]