Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

In years past, this day has brought dozens of eager little kiddos to our doorstep. Their princess, ninja, knight, or fairy costumes being their ticket to cheap, highly refined chocolates and sweets. I’ve always felt a tinge of guilt about this – in part because I am supporting Big Food; and because I am willingly subjecting these darlings to […]

Gluten Free Matrimonial Cake (Date Squares)

In honor of my beautiful sister-in-law’s wedding celebration yesterday, I wanted to include this recipe. Matrimonial cake, or date squares, are a celebratory dessert in my family’s tradition. Although my grandma’s original recipe includes wheat, this variation would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth in our family, but especially those that are gluten-free.   Gluten Free Matrimonial Cake (Date Squares) 2 cups organic […]