Top Ten Vegetables and Herbs to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

    Our gardening has been put on the back shelf this year as moving, renovating, land clearing, and adjusting have all been the priorities of the last several months. However, I couldn’t go for a whole year without planting anything, so we gathered some of the rocks we found around our property, and built […]

Frequently Asked Fridays: What is the Dirty Dozen?

So what is the Dirty Dozen? If you’ve never heard of this term before, you may be wondering what on earth the dirty dozen is! (And, no, it’s not referring to the movie, or the band!) The dirty dozen (plus) is actually a list of the twelve most toxic fruits and vegetables on the market. This list is compiled by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for the benefit […]

Five Backyard Crops that will Save You Cash!

Eating organic produce can be expensive; it might even feel like the cost outweighs the benefits! However, if you plant your garden strategically, you will be able to produce and enjoy bountiful, organic produce from your own backyard. Not to mention, save yourself some hard earned dollars! Here are five easy-to-grow crops that will set you on the path to […]