Six Seed Sweet Potato Crackers (GF / Grain Free)

  This is the season when cocktail, appetizer, and potluck parties abound. I LOVE getting together to mingle and reconnect with those I haven’t seen much throughout the year. I don’t love having to hunt down the individuals that brought each dish, asking for a list of ingredients, or resorting to only eating one food the […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part Three (I Promise, it’s the Last One!)

I feel like I’ve already dragged this out long enough, but I just had to include a few more amazing places to eat and see that I couldn’t squeeze into my last two posts. We had an incredible time in Maui, playing with our kids and exploring new terrains. In all, we put 600 miles on our minivan […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part Two

In case you’re in need of a virtual vacation, or could use some tips planning one of your own, here are a few more thoughts from our family’s recent trip to Maui. Our vacation focused around South Maui, which has the most consistently sunny weather of the entire island. However, there are little communities all over the island, tucked into shoreline coves, […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part One

Traditionally, gifts of tin are given for the tenth anniversary; more recently, diamonds have become the gift of choice. Mr. Green Thumb and I decided to venture off the beaten path, and planned a trip to Maui to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary! In a brave moment, we decided to bring all four kiddos with us! (Not to mention that […]

Happy Valentines Day

Mr. Green Thumb came home with an over the top bottle of BC wine, called Laughing Stock, and some lovely tulips to accompany our family’s simple Valentines Day dinner today. And I put together my Quinoa Chocolate Cake, prettied up with chocolate whipped cream and organic strawberries. We shared a lovely meal with our kids […]

Cabbage Borscht with Fennel and Dill

Variations of this recipe have been passed down for many generations in my family. The cabbage, dill, potatoes and tomatoes seem to be what defines this type of borscht, while the fennel, leek, and carrots add just that extra something. The chicken makes it a more satisfying meal, but it can be omitted (as it was […]

Our Seventh Annual Christmas Eve Fondue

When Little Foodie was four, he had his first crush. We were sitting around the table, all taking turns dipping into the fondue pot. We have a silly little rule, that if you drop a piece of food into the fondue, you have to kiss the person sitting next to you. He purposefully dropped one of his […]

Chocolate Meringue Mistakes, I mean, Crisps

Mr. Green Thumb gasped as I opened the oven and pulled out the cookie sheets. My cookies certainly didn’t look like the meringues I told him I was planning to make. Our company was arriving in less than an hour, and I didn’t even know if these would be edible. In my hast, while helping balance measuring cups […]

Broccoli Salad with Marinated Red Onions

It’s feeling a lot like Christmas here in Southwestern Canada. With just over a week before the big day, our lives have been a flurry of school and church programs, family activities, list-making, shopping, decorating and baking. This past weekend, we had two family Christmas potluck-style gatherings. With all of the turkey, ham, casseroles, and sweets […]

Hearty Winter Sausage and White Bean Soup

Mr. Green Thumb and I love eating soup, and this recipe is one we both really enjoy! Being able to pluck the kale from the garden, even in frigid, below-freezing weather, makes this dish very rewarding! With just a handful of ingredients, it is quick to throw this soup together; the majority of the time required is […]