Week Three: An Update on the Girls

In the past three weeks, our family has had a lot of fun cuddling and caring for our little flock. Each of the chickens now has a name, and because of this they have most certainly been spared from the pot. While we are raising them for purely practical purposes, these beautifully adorned hens have become our pets. […]

Easy Homemade Yogurt

I bumped into a friend a couple of weeks back. She was asking about my blog, and specifically about Kombucha. This led to a quick discussion on fermented foods and their health benefits. She proceeded to tell me that she’s been making yogurt lately, (which is really just fermented milk), using a recipe she got from her mom. She […]

Five Things my Husband Wants for Father’s Day

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately about easy, upcycled, DIY Father’s Day gifts, written by some very creative and inspiring wives and mothers. I have actually dedicated a lot of time to reading these posts, admiring their beautiful ideas and photos. I do this every year. And every year I feel like I wouldn’t be able […]

Guest Post: Five Simple Steps to Eating Healthier!

Today’s post comes from my friend Kara. In five short months, she has made huge steps toward eating and living healthier. I am inspired by her desire for growth in both her professional and personal life; I am blessed to call her a friend. Please enjoy her thoughts, as a busy working mother, on simple steps to eating healthier. […]

A Lazy Saturday Getting to Know the Girls

Today, our family welcomed seven beautiful backyard layers into our yard and into our lives. I understand that it won’t all be wonderful as we will face many ups and downs with keeping animals. But today, we will simply sit back and enjoy it all, as we watch the girls get to know their new home. One felt so comfortable that she popped out an egg […]

Gluten Free Choux Pastry Puffs (Savory and Sweet)

This recipe is another of my mom’s. She’s been cooking and baking gluten free for much longer than I have, and although I’m sure you could find a standard choux pastry recipe made in these proportions; she is the one in my world who pondered and then attempted creating a gluten free version. I grew up eating “cream puffs” a […]