A Threat to the Flock

Green Mountain Farm

Chickens - Hanging out in the pasture

Usually a threat to a backyard flock is thought of as a raccoon, or a coyotte, or some other predator. In this case, our flock has recently been at risk of contracting the Avian (bird) Flu.

For those of you living beyond the scope of our local news, two weeks ago, several nearby farms were discovered to have the Avian virus. They were immediately ordered to cull all of their birds. Local agencies have been on monitoring this situation closely, and so far it has been contained.

Could this be a repeat from several years ago?

The Avian Flu is a deadly virus for chickens as well as wild birds, and kills large numbers of birds when it sweeps through the population. Several years ago, every flock of chickens along about a two hundred kilometer stretch, were culled in hopes that the virus would not spread to humans.

That virus was a particularly strong strain that would have had serious health implications for those who contracted it…

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