A Threat to the Flock

Originally posted on Green Mountain Farm:
Usually a threat to a backyard flock is thought of as a raccoon, or a coyotte, or some other predator. In this case, our flock has recently been at risk of contracting the Avian (bird) Flu. For those of you living beyond the scope of our local news, two weeks ago, several nearby farms were discovered to have…

A Day at the Market with One Love Farm

I’m up earlier than normal on a Saturday, but nothing like the farmer (my bro-in-law) I am here to help. He has been up before dawn. Three in the morning actually – this Saturday, and every Saturday that he is at the farmer’s market . It is passion and dedication that drives Farmer Chris to produce organically grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers […]

Shopping the Perimeter of the City

You’ve heard, I’m sure, the practical advice of shopping around the perimeter of your grocery store. Produce, meat, dairy and baked goods are usually located around the outskirts of any supermarket. It’s what’s in the center of the store, the crackers, cookies, juices, and frozen prepared foods that are more important to avoid. Well, I’d […]