Six Gluten Free Snacks for Picky Preschoolers

There are few things more frustrating to a parent than placing a bowl or plate of homemade food in front of your darling little preschoolers, only to have them take one look at it, and turn up their noses in disgust! (Actually, having them throw it on the floor in disgust is definitely more frustrating!!) On some days, it’s enough to bring a mommy to […]

Sugar Free Weekdays

I’ll admit it… I’m stuck in a rut! Somehow, I have allowed myself to incorporate sweets into mine and my family’s’ everyday lives, even though in theory, I am totally opposed to this! So last week, we started something new: Sugar Free Weekdays. And it was a total fail! A goal like this takes serious planning… something I underestimated! But I […]

Flourless Haystack Blondies

I usually panick when we’re about to have company over. Will all the food be ready on time? Will the bathroom stay clean for the guests? Do the kids need a separate dessert? Like several other recipes I’ve posted (including my Chocolate Meringue Crisps), these cookies were born of last minute panicking. This led to experimenting, which in this case […]

Kale Caesar Salad

I love the flavor of a classic Caesar salad. The bright flavors of lemon and garlic, wake up my taste buds, and I love the crisp crunch from the croutons. In this version, the Romaine is replaced with kale, and it adds a hearty bite to the salad. Full of vitamins C, K, and folate, kale is packed […]

Fresh Fiesta Guacamole

I understand that avocados are not for everyone. Some people are disturbed by the slick texture, others by the earthy flavor.  Knowing how much healthy omega-3 fat, fiber, and nutrients are in one unassuming avocado can be enough to change some peoples’ minds; others need a little persuading… like a burst of fresh lemon juice, or the savory bite of cilantro. On several […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part Three (I Promise, it’s the Last One!)

I feel like I’ve already dragged this out long enough, but I just had to include a few more amazing places to eat and see that I couldn’t squeeze into my last two posts. We had an incredible time in Maui, playing with our kids and exploring new terrains. In all, we put 600 miles on our minivan […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part Two

In case you’re in need of a virtual vacation, or could use some tips planning one of your own, here are a few more thoughts from our family’s recent trip to Maui. Our vacation focused around South Maui, which has the most consistently sunny weather of the entire island. However, there are little communities all over the island, tucked into shoreline coves, […]

Our Adventures In Maui: Part One

Traditionally, gifts of tin are given for the tenth anniversary; more recently, diamonds have become the gift of choice. Mr. Green Thumb and I decided to venture off the beaten path, and planned a trip to Maui to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary! In a brave moment, we decided to bring all four kiddos with us! (Not to mention that […]