Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

In years past, this day has brought dozens of eager little kiddos to our doorstep. Their princess, ninja, knight, or fairy costumes being their ticket to cheap, highly refined chocolates and sweets. I’ve always felt a tinge of guilt about this – in part because I am supporting Big Food; and because I am willingly subjecting these darlings to […]

Introducing Peep, Cheep and Sleepy

Our Bantam hen, Puffy, has become a mom! For three weeks, she dedicated herself to sitting on her adopted eggs. She hardly moved, other than to get a quick drink and a bite to eat once a day. All of her dedication has paid off! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Peep, Cheep, and the littlest, Sleepy. Unfortunately, a fourth chick hatched, but didn’t make […]

Anti-Inflammatory Chai-Inspired Tea

      My husband, Mr. Green Thumb, has suffered from a lot of inflammation due to a condition he developed last year. (More on that to come!) Because of this, we have been trying to reduce inflammation causing foods in our diets; and we have also increased our consumption of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is one […]

Our Bantam ‘Puffy’ Wants to be a Mommy

We have had Puffy and Fluffy for several months now. They are beautiful Bantam Wyandottes, with silky white feathers, and elegant black and grey collars and tail feathers. The main reason we purchased this pair of bantam hens was because of their tendency to go broody. And they have not disappointed. Puffy has already gone broody […]

Our Rooster Speaks English (What does Your Rooster Speak?)

  It’s official… the month old Rhode Island Red/ Americana chick we purchased several months ago is a rooster. We had recently observed other signs and behaviors that indicated this possibility. A deep red comb and waddle that grew more quickly than the ones of our pullets; a disinterest in the nesting boxes; and most recently, an attempt […]