Lunchbox Make-Over: Two Weeks of Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Lunches

Have you and your family committed to going Gluten free this year? Maybe you’ve been gluten free for a while now, and realize your kids could benefit from this diet as well. Or maybe one of your kids has been recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, or even Celiac… Packing lunches isn’t easy at the […]

November’s Vegetable Garden, and Five Ways to Eat Your Greens

The frost has made itself comfortable in our vegetable garden now that the sun is not quite so close to us in the northern hemisphere. Such is the nature of seasonal living. All that remains in our garden are stocks of green, stretching up toward the sky, seeking a glimmer of sun to continue in their chlorophyll-driven pursuit of […]

24 Back-to-School Gluten Free Snack and Lunch Ideas

It’s September now… the beginnings of autumn. Our kids head back to school on Tuesday. It’s time for our little ones to adjust back to routines and left-brain thinking. And time for us parents to plan and help pack their lunches, It’s true that some kids are satisfied with the old standby of a sandwich and a piece of fruit; but […]