20 Great Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

  There are a lot of birthdays coming up in our circle of family and friends in the next couple of months. Not surprisingly, a lot of them are interested in gardening. I decided to compile a list of gift ideas for gardeners of all abilities, partly for my own use, and also as a help to any of you […]

The Chicks are Hatching, Part 1

Originally posted on Green Mountain Farm:
? Tonight, four freshly hatched chicks are stumbling around in the incubator, eyes barely opened, collapsing in exhaustion every couple of seconds. It’s incredible that they have any energy to move around at all, considering the effort required to free themselves from their cramped quarters. It’s remarkable to think that three short weeks ago,…

A Threat to the Flock

Originally posted on Green Mountain Farm:
Usually a threat to a backyard flock is thought of as a raccoon, or a coyotte, or some other predator. In this case, our flock has recently been at risk of contracting the Avian (bird) Flu. For those of you living beyond the scope of our local news, two weeks ago, several nearby farms were discovered to have…

Peep, Cheep and Sleepy are Six Weeks Old!

Originally posted on Green Mountain Farm:
? The very first chicks we hatched on our farm are now six weeks old! Their mama, Puffy is just as nurturing as ever, and they don’t stray from her side. At night, they still try to squeeze under their mama’s protective wings. But they won’t fit for long; they are…

Introducing Peep, Cheep and Sleepy

Our Bantam hen, Puffy, has become a mom! For three weeks, she dedicated herself to sitting on her adopted eggs. She hardly moved, other than to get a quick drink and a bite to eat once a day. All of her dedication has paid off! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Peep, Cheep, and the littlest, Sleepy. Unfortunately, a fourth chick hatched, but didn’t make […]

Our Bantam ‘Puffy’ Wants to be a Mommy

We have had Puffy and Fluffy for several months now. They are beautiful Bantam Wyandottes, with silky white feathers, and elegant black and grey collars and tail feathers. The main reason we purchased this pair of bantam hens was because of their tendency to go broody. And they have not disappointed. Puffy has already gone broody […]

Our Rooster Speaks English (What does Your Rooster Speak?)

  It’s official… the month old Rhode Island Red/ Americana chick we purchased several months ago is a rooster. We had recently observed other signs and behaviors that indicated this possibility. A deep red comb and waddle that grew more quickly than the ones of our pullets; a disinterest in the nesting boxes; and most recently, an attempt […]

Pullet Eggs and an Egg Conversion Chart

Several more of our pullets, the chickens less than a year old, have started laying. I’m hoping that the sun keeps shining to encourage the other girls to lay too, before the darker winter months set in. Sunrise to sunset is at twelve hours now, so I’m hoping they will start laying soon! Their eggs have a […]

Top Ten Vegetables and Herbs to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

    Our gardening has been put on the back shelf this year as moving, renovating, land clearing, and adjusting have all been the priorities of the last several months. However, I couldn’t go for a whole year without planting anything, so we gathered some of the rocks we found around our property, and built […]

Week Three: An Update on the Girls

In the past three weeks, our family has had a lot of fun cuddling and caring for our little flock. Each of the chickens now has a name, and because of this they have most certainly been spared from the pot. While we are raising them for purely practical purposes, these beautifully adorned hens have become our pets. […]