The Well Stocked Gluten-Free Pantry (Part Three): Grain-Free Flours and Fillers

If gluten-free is the buzzword of the modern food world, grain-free is its quirky, all or nothing, determined little cousin. Diets, such as Paleo and Primal, have been designed around the idea of eliminating grains (a.k.a. unnecessary calories) from one’s diet. Although it may be another fad, the concept might be worth the consideration. While not all grains are […]

The Well Stocked Gluten-Free Pantry (Part One): Grains and Flours

Grains and Flours that do not have gluten are different in flavor and texture compared to their gluten-containing counterparts. I have enjoyed experimenting with many of these flours. They each contain different properties, such as their density, and their nutty, sweet, or savory flavors. Often combining two or three of these flours will help to bring out the best […]

My “Cup for Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Winner (and a muffin recipe)

Before I began eating gluten-free, I loved to bake. Lunchboxes for school and work were filled with regular homemade muffins and cookies, and on weekends, we often indulged fresh-baked bread and sweets. Following a gluten-free lifestyle seemed to mean I would no longer enjoy such indulgences. I tried many recipes and combinations but was not satisfied […]