World Food Day

It seems fitting that World Food Day (a day to raise awareness about eradicating world hunger) should fall just two days after our Canadian Thanksgiving. We have finished celebrating the abundance we have been blessed with, and now we turn our attention to the less fortunate. In our own communities and around the world, there are many who do not […]

Happy Non-GMO Month

“So, what are GMO’s anyway?” It’s a question that I here often. And I never know quite what to say. If I launch into the scientific explanation, their eyes quickly glaze over; if I approach it from a more personal perspective, “I feel that for my family… ” it gives the impression that it’s not that important. After attempting […]

Savory Zucchini Chutney

Zucchini is something I have in abundance right now in the garden. Almost daily, we are picking slender green zucchini from the three plants we have. At least once a week, especially when we haven’t been poking around for a couple of days, we find a giant, hidden under the foliage, awaiting to be uncovered […]

Schobel Supp: Summer Bean Soup

Schobel Supp in low-German, or bean soup, is a food closely connected to childhood memories in my grandma’s kitchen, stirring a pot on the stove, or measuring out ingredients into a bowl. My grandma always had a collection of aprons hanging along side her fridge, and she would always let me choose which one I […]

Fragrant Orange Cake

  Several weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting my sister-in-law’s wedding shower. I hummed and hawed about the desserts I would serve, since about half of the guests were either gluten-free, grain-free, or dairy-free. In the end, I selected two delicious desserts that would be appreciated by all of the guests attending. This recipe is inspired by one of Laura Calder’s recipes, and […]