Lunchbox Make-Over: Two Weeks of Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Lunches

Have you and your family committed to going Gluten free this year? Maybe you’ve been gluten free for a while now, and realize your kids could benefit from this diet as well. Or maybe one of your kids has been recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, or even Celiac… Packing lunches isn’t easy at the […]

Happy Valentines Day

Mr. Green Thumb came home with an over the top bottle of BC wine, called Laughing Stock, and some lovely tulips to accompany our family’s simple Valentines Day dinner today. And I put together my Quinoa Chocolate Cake, prettied up with chocolate whipped cream and organic strawberries. We shared a lovely meal with our kids […]

Cabbage Borscht with Fennel and Dill

Variations of this recipe have been passed down for many generations in my family. The cabbage, dill, potatoes and tomatoes seem to be what defines this type of borscht, while the fennel, leek, and carrots add just that extra something. The chicken makes it a┬ámore satisfying meal, but it can be omitted (as it was […]

Ten Tips to Help You Stick to Your Gluten Free Diet

One year on the gluten free path feels like a major milestone! Last January, I made the resolve to switch to a gluten free diet for the sake of my health (and to find relief from a myriad of symptoms). By February (it took me a month to prepare myself!) I was ready to take […]