Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

In years past, this day has brought dozens of eager little kiddos to our doorstep. Their princess, ninja, knight, or fairy costumes being their ticket to cheap, highly refined chocolates and sweets. I’ve always felt a tinge of guilt about this – in part because I am supporting Big Food; and because I am willingly subjecting these darlings to […]

Fresh Fiesta Hummus (GF / DF)

Picnics, beach days, lunches on the go – it isn’t easy to pack along food that is appealing, healthy, and easy to eat while you and your family are out and about. This recipe has been a life-saver this past week, as I have been running errands and dealing with renovation issues. If it weren’t for this […]

Flourless Haystack Blondies

I usually panick when we’re about to have company over. Will all the food be ready on time? Will the bathroom stay clean for the guests? Do the kids need a separate dessert? Like several other recipes I’ve posted (including my Chocolate Meringue Crisps), these cookies were born of last minute panicking. This led to experimenting, which in this case […]

Fresh Fiesta Guacamole

I understand that avocados are not for everyone. Some people are disturbed by the slick texture, others by the earthy flavor.  Knowing how much healthy omega-3 fat, fiber, and nutrients are in one unassuming avocado can be enough to change some peoples’ minds; others need a little persuading… like a burst of fresh lemon juice, or the savory bite of cilantro. On several […]

Sweet Crepes with Bumbleberry Compote

There is nothing like discovering that a familiar favorite can successfully be made gluten-free! I have tried making crepes with several different flour combinations, and this recipe is the best one yet! These crepes are every bit as good as the original–even though they may taste slightly different. The sweetness from the millet flour is highlighted in this dish […]

Lunchbox Make-Over: Two Weeks of Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Lunches

Have you and your family committed to going Gluten free this year? Maybe you’ve been gluten free for a while now, and realize your kids could benefit from this diet as well. Or maybe one of your kids has been recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, or even Celiac… Packing lunches isn’t easy at the […]

Ten Tips to Help You Stick to Your Gluten Free Diet

One year on the gluten free path feels like a major milestone! Last January, I made the resolve to switch to a gluten free diet for the sake of my health (and to find relief from a myriad of symptoms). By February (it took me a month to prepare myself!) I was ready to take […]

Gluten Free Matrimonial Cake (Date Squares)

In honor of my beautiful sister-in-law’s wedding celebration yesterday, I wanted to include this recipe. Matrimonial cake, or date squares, are a celebratory dessert in my family’s tradition. Although my grandma’s original recipe includes wheat, this variation would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth in our family, but especially those that are gluten-free.   Gluten Free Matrimonial Cake (Date Squares) 2 cups organic […]