The Chicks are Hatching, Part 1

Originally posted on Green Mountain Farm:
? Tonight, four freshly hatched chicks are stumbling around in the incubator, eyes barely opened, collapsing in exhaustion every couple of seconds. It’s incredible that they have any energy to move around at all, considering the effort required to free themselves from their cramped quarters. It’s remarkable to think that three short weeks ago,…

Grain Free Almond Pecan Pie Shell

  Mr. Green Thumb’s family has a wide range of dietary needs: vegetarian, dairy free, diabetic, gluten free and grain free. Trying to accommodate all of these diets in one dessert can be challenging to say the least. We often end up with two or three dessert options so that everyone has something to enjoy. I am […]

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Ganache (Paleo and Vegan)

  Happy New Year! I am so happy to begin another blogging year with all of you!   I recently shared my mom’s Easy Chocolate Sauce recipe, which we have been making for years. Lately, my mom has been wondering if she has a dairy allergy, so I wanted to create a sauce that was just as easy to […]