Ten Skills to Help your Child Thrive in Preschool

Heading off to school for the first time evokes many different emotions in children. As a mom of four little sprouts, and having worked in a preschool program myself, I have seen this through both a parent’s and a teacher’s eyes. I have observed that these ten skills help children thrive in a preschool setting. Do you want to help create a smooth transition for your preschooler […]

A Day at the Market with One Love Farm

I’m up earlier than normal on a Saturday, but nothing like the farmer (my bro-in-law) I am here to help. He has been up before dawn. Three in the morning actually – this Saturday, and every Saturday that he is at the farmer’s market . It is passion and dedication that drives Farmer Chris to produce organically grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers […]

Fresh Fiesta Hummus (GF / DF)

Picnics, beach days, lunches on the go – it isn’t easy to pack along food that is appealing, healthy, and easy to eat while you and your family are out and about. This recipe has been a life-saver this past week, as I have been running errands and dealing with renovation issues. If it weren’t for this […]

Top Ten Vegetables and Herbs to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

    Our gardening has been put on the back shelf this year as moving, renovating, land clearing, and adjusting have all been the priorities of the last several months. However, I couldn’t go for a whole year without planting anything, so we gathered some of the rocks we found around our property, and built […]